Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pressure washing wood

Yesterday we pressured washed a wooden boat and wooden patio furniture in Deltona Florida. Our goal was to clean off as much of the grime as possible so it can be re-stained.

        The surface of wood is very porous and needs to be cleaned correctly. Like everything else there is a method. Spraying BLEACH on wood is not recommended. The initial appearance of bleach will give you the WOW effect , however  the wood will immediately get fuzzy upon pressure washing and now that the wood has consumed the bleach it is now inside doing damage, breaking down the fibers in the wood.

   This is where customers need to be careful, So many times a person will pressure wash a surface and it looks great then after a few days or even once it dries ( the contractor is paid and gone) The damage starts to show. Fuzzy bleached out wood, Pressure washing cuts in the woods from using the wrong tip or high pressure. The possibilities of describing damage are endless.

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John Neilson