Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Big 3. Quality Speed Affordability

QUALITY: As a small business owner here in Central Florida we sure do pack a big punch. Some will say you cannot have all 3 together. We say you can because we have been educated by classes in our UAMCC organization which has showed us the proper way to use chemicals ( soaps, detergents, DE-greasers , Emulsifiers) We do not buy any chemicals from box stores because they do not carry what we need. We only buy from specialty stores and distributors.
SPEED: Speed is not rushing through a job, But it is being able to work quickly and in an organized way to which we can finish in a timely manner. This is where quality soaps come in. Here is an example: Everyone has at one time or another purchased a generic product and knew they made a mistake. Personally in my home, we tried a store brand laundry soap, Never again. We stick with Tide, It cost more but the quality is there and we actually use less detergent. As I mentioned, We use only top grade commercial detergents. ( MSDS sheets available)
AFFORDABILITY: I never like to talk about price. In reality no matter what price you are quoted THERE IS SOMEONE THAT WILL BEAT IT. We are not the highest but we are not the cheapest either. We use professional equipment,which in turn yield professional results. I started out with small machines, I remember doing a condo that took me 12 hours to do 1 building. I had 22 of them to do. The residents were angry because of the time it took for me to do it. The noise from the machine alone is enough to get customers or residents in an uproar. Through my education I upgraded my equipment and now can do the same building in 2 1/2 hours. The residents come home to a quiet clean facility.
In conclusion, We care for your property,residents,customers. My business would not survive if we didn't. We currently clean for a few HOA's in Central Florida, along with property management companies. We currently do all the pressure washing for the city of Oviedo. We have our standard pricing and we also have commercial pricing for bulk quantities.
Please call 386-956-3406 so we can discuss your needs and to learn more of our services, or you can email me direct at www.neilsoncleaning.com.
Thank you for your time and please dont hesitate to contact us.
Sincerely John Neilson

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How do I prepare for a house wash?

Well, today is the day you get your house professionally pressure washed. Preparation for this task is minimal but you want to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost Please move your car out of the driveway or from in front of the house. A good professional pressure washing company will have permanently mounted equipment. These will usually be on a trailer or flat bed truck. Neilson cleaning has an 18 foot trailer we pull which is quite large and does not squeeze in tight spots.

 Another thing would be to move any furniture and or wall hangings While Neilson Cleaning does not use high pressure to clean, even a small amount is enough to knock or blow things on the floor causing damage.

Window screens should be taken out if desired in order for the dirt to be washed away and not sit behind the screen. When we , here at Neilson Cleaning pressure wash a house, We will ask our customer to place the screen in an area off to the side and we will wash them separately.

Basically, please keep in mind when a pressure washer can work smoothly without having to stop and untangle their hoses they can concentrate on the wash.

If you would like to discuss this blog further please feel free to browse our web site and call or email us.
John Neilson

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Do all estimates have to be on site?

You are in search of a pressure washing company and you have chosen 3 to provide you with quotes, Interestingly one of the companies gives you a quote without coming for a personal visit. Is this a pressure washer you just do not hire?
  Why didn't they come out to look? Hopefully they have a clear understanding of the desired services. If you call for a roof wash the contractor should ask for type of roof it is. Shingle, tile, metal, clay, etc. This knowledge can effect the price drastically. The size of the roof is not usually asked ( at least by me ). I get the address, look it up at the property appraisers web site. This will give me a full picture of the complete house,size, type of roof. 
 Making a separate trip for a roof wash is really not needed UNLESS it is requested by the caller, Or there may be other desired services such as a house wash, pool enclosure cleaning.  
 For myself and Neilson Cleaning, I will most likely not go out for a personal visit however I will ask the caller if they would like to meet with me. One time My customer wanted me out on site. When I got there he said he just wanted to see my appearance when I pulled up. That was a first. ( or the first to admit it )

  If I ever get to a house a realize it is a lot dirtier than anticipated, I just do it at the quoted price. The busier we are the harder it is to make on site estimates. The cost of the extra soap and washing time is far better than the travel time. You will still get a quality cleaning, at the same great price. Neilson cleaning, It just doesnt get any cleaner.