Saturday, September 26, 2015

What to do when your bored!

I just spent my Saturday afternoon cleaning out my garage, I had to bid on a roof cleaning job that came in today in Deltona, I am on coffee cup number 6.  (That is for the whole day) and now I am sitting here writing this Blog post. I don't know if my day was productive or not but I do feel very relaxed. Funny though as a pressure washer I'm always in tune to things in my field. I can never go out and look at a roof like I used to. When I look at a restaurant , I automatically look to see if they are grease free. I guess its the whole self employment thing. I love it. I work longer hours then before but I still feel satisfied.
How about you? 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Licensed*Bonded*Insured Not Likely

Today I Booked a roof cleaning job in Deland, The home owner had asked for my credentials. License and insurance. Well I told him My license is a state tax ID. I will provide my insurance to him with a copy of a certificate of insurance, (COI) which is provided by my agent, NOT ME.

 There is no license for roof cleaners or pressure washers. There should be, The damage that can be caused by an inexperienced, Untrained pressure washing operator can be in the thousands.
What is the cost to paint the side of your house if they use the wrong tip? How much does the roof repair company charge to replace a torn shingle from high pressure? Better yet , How much will that new roof cost you down the line when you have to replace it prematurely?
Do not be fooled with claims of licensed, bonded and insured.  They are tickling your ears.
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John Neilson 

Monday, September 14, 2015

99 dollar house wash " look out"

The time has come for you to hire a professional roof cleaner or pressure washer. 
It can be a struggle finding the right contractor to use. What do you base your decision on? 
References, experience or price. References and experiences, well they kind of go together. But as far as the price, How well do you choose. Let me give you an example. 
House wash for a house of 1900 square ft. The first contractor gives you a price of $99 ( goes up to $125.00 if you want soap)
The second price is $225.00, and the third is $300.00.   So you base your decision on price ($99)

The contractor rolls up with a pick up truck, he unloads his pressure washer and a pump up sprayer and bleach he bought from the local store. Chances are they will spray down bugs and webs with the bleach and use high pressure to blast away the dirt. Will your paint be damaged? Will your window seals be blown out? Will the algae be killed at the root or just on the surface? If They break or damage anything, who pays?  There is a lot to think about. To be realistic a 99 dollar all you can get price is really not practical in the service industry.  
At Neilson Cleaning we might not be the lowest price and we sure are not the highest. BUT we are a business with a tax license and Insurance. We have professional associations with industry leaders and  references from our local chamber of commerce. 
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John Neilson