Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Neilson roof cleaning of Central Florida: Deltona Florida Pressure Washing

Neilson roof cleaning of Central Florida: Deltona Florida Pressure Washing:     As a resident of  Deltona Florida,  I cannot help but notice how many homes, roofs, driveways need to be washed. They are covered in alg...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Deltona Florida Pressure Washing

    As a resident of  Deltona Florida,  I cannot help but notice how many homes, roofs, driveways need to be washed. They are covered in algae and mold, some worse then others of coarse. I would guess that 8 of 10 roofs are dark with algae growth, and almost every driveway is mold covered. This is unhealthy and it just looks dirty.

   Do we take pride in where we live.  Deltona has a bad reputation. It is my city and it is your city.

 The income per capita is $20,354,  which includes all adults and children.
 The state of Florida is just over $34,000.
       So yes Deltona Florida makes less money, But why live with a dirty house , Is the money the issue, If it is give Neilson cleaning a call.  (386) 956-3406,  I will offer discounts to Deltona Florida residents. and If I wash your home and a neighbor hires me also , you will be compensated for the extra work I get.  Our prices are reasonable, But you wont know until you call. I give free estimates. I enjoy working in Deltona Florida.   Its my home

                                                       LIVE WITH PRIDE

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Roof cleaning chemicals

                   Which roof cleaner is the right one. The ones that use Sodium Hypochlorite  (liquid Bleach) or a natural organic cleaner.
    Going green is wonderful. I fully agree that today's world is toxic and we as humans and a society need , no we must change, Our food alone is bad enough. GMO everything.

      I have 2 sons with autism, You do not need to tell me how food effects them. I give Matthew Fast food and he is Bouncing off the walls. Natural, organic is something our family strives for. Organic, green or any other phrase is also a huge money maker. This is where it gets interesting.
         Why do some roof cleaners advertise that they do not use bleach?
They are falling for the same pitch they were sold. They say things like bleach has fumes, It kills your plants, It dries out your shingle roof.

  As a certified roof cleaner I can say that Yes it has fumes, when the liquid hits the roof and the sun evaporates the water,  ( we do not use bleach at full strength) and causes vapors to go in the air, It evaporates about 2 feet up from the roof.
        Can the bleach kill your plants around the house?  
Absolutely. It is a chemical. The algae on the roof is a plant, we want that dead dont we? People do not like to use that word. Chemical.  It sounds abrasive. But here is the truth. a chemical  is a form of matter that has constant Chemical composition. It can be solid, liquid or gas. 
  A common example of a chemical substance is pure water; it has the same properties and the same ratio of hydrogen to oxygen.
  Did you know that adding water to bleach reduces its strength. You do not pour bleach onto your whites in the laundry, you wait until it goes to the proper cycle and the tub is full of water.  Dilution is the solution to pollution!
  plus to top it all off The ARMA (Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association) recommends bleach to clean your roofs.

     The bottom line is that roof cleaning in many areas is competitive, Especially in areas Sanford Florida, Lake Mary, Heathrow and all of Seminole County. Contractors will tell you what you want to hear to get the job. 
   I use Bleach for my roof washes. I am the one who is Certified by and by the Roof cleaning institute of America

  Knowledge is power. Do not be fooled by claims of non bleach roof cleaning. Use the links provided and research for yourself what method is best, We go by ARMA and so should you.
      Thank you   
     John Neilson
Serving Sanford Deltona Lake Mary Heathrow Longwood Seminole county.