Friday, February 7, 2014

Roof washing , Not a DIY Project

        Hello, My name is John Neilson. Owner of Neilsons commercial cleaning LLC. We provide pressure cleaning services to all of Central Florida
       Roof Washing is one of our services. We wash Tile,shingle,and metal roofs. I use the term washing because with the change of technology in cleaning solutions and soaps, the old fashioned way of using high pressure to clean is outdated. High pressure can damage your paint,siding,window seals and roof. If you have a shingle roof you will notice it has granules on it.
           Asphalt shingles were developed in the late 1800’s. Roofing manufacturers learned that coating the asphalt roofing material with granules extended the life of the shingle. Granules on a roof have four main purposes. They are the protection of the asphalt coating from UV light, add coloring and beauty, provide fire resistance, and add to the aid in shingle packaging. In today’s market, shingles are available in a wide range of colors and styles with 20 year lifetime warranties. One fact remains constant: all asphalt shingles have granule surfaces and manufacturers recognize granule asphalt shingles will not last forever, thus the wide range of warranties. As a shingle ages, it loses granules as the adhesion qualities in the asphalt dissipate. The older the shingle, the more granules are released, consequently the less ability the shingle has to resist the weather elements.
                If a contractor or homeowner uses a pressure washer to clean your roof then they are literally destroying the roof product. NEVER, NEVER let some one put a pressure washer to your roof, Even at a lowered pressure it is still too strong.
              We use a dedicated low pressure pump to clean your roof, It is softer then rain.  Did you know that if you as a homeowner fall off your roof you may not be covered under your policy.   HMM..... something to think about.

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