Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pressure washing your concrete,

Sidewalk,concrete an walkways. They are not the most exciting topic to discuss. In a retail shopping center, restaurant, hospital, or any commercial property, concrete amounts to a large area and is the first thing consumers step foot on when they approach your property. What is the message your concrete sidewalk is sending to customers?

Have you ever noticed the condition of the sidewalk you walk over ever day? Are there coffee or drink spills, old stepped on chewing gum, food grease, mildew, or dirt? Concrete is porous by nature and its rough texture easily gathers dirt and airborne pollutants. Dirty sidewalks around any commercial establishment can lead to health and safety concerns. If not maintained with regular cleanings, the concrete can also begin to deteriorate and may even collect enough dirt, grease, or mildew to create a potential slip and fall hazard.

So you want to get your sidewalks clean, GREAT! The next big question most ask is, do it in-house, or hire a professional? The initial thought of most is performing cleanings in-house is the less expensive choice. We have spoke to numerous restaurant managers who told us after looking at their costs, it is actually cheaper to hire a professional mobile contract cleaner for washing the sidewalks than it is to buy gallons and gallons of chemicals and clean it in-house. Aside from the pure cost savings, the level of clean is ten fold of what most are able to achieve in-house.
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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pressure washing is my Niche

Pressure washing and roof cleaning are specialty's for me. I am not a part time washer. If I was ,my passion would not be here.

 There is a certain satisfaction I get from watching the  dirt, algae, and grime just wash away. I do every job with my customer in mind.
I always imagine they are watching me work and that ensures that  when a buyer hires me for pressure washing, roof cleaning, or concrete cleaning they are getting the best that I have.

How could I do any less? My Google and other internet reviews speak volumes as to the type of person and worker my company has become.

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