Sunday, June 28, 2015

Relax and enjoy the show.

As I pressure washing  house in Sanford Florida, The neighboring homeowner came up to me asking how he could wash his home. He was a do it yourself type of guy, That good. I am too in some things. I told him what soaps he could buy from his local stores here in Sanford. I buy commercial grade soaps so I could not help in that department. After asking what type of machine he has, I asked how is he going to reach the second story of the house. His reply was a ladder. HMMMM. For a home his size my charge is $225.00, I offered to do his home for 200. and was willing to take 25.00 off the house I was working on. Just to keep the neighbors in sync. He declined.
    I cannot force some one to hire me but I will say if he does it himself it will take a days work, He will probably use twice the chemicals, and with the machine he has , he will be relying on HIGH PRESSURE to wash.
  Neilson Cleaning uses a 10 1/2 gallon a minute washer to apply the correct soaps, and detergents, and rinse water to give our Sanford Florida residents the best wash they have ever received.
     Sometimes its good to pay for convenience.  Give us a call